On June 23rd and 24th, the Colorado Rolling Mammoth were just outside of Milwaukee, WI competing in the 2017 Midwest Regional Wheelchair Lacrosse Tournament. After five hard fought battles, the boys from Denver were able to take home the title!

It started on June 23rd at Ozaukee Ice Center in Mequon, Wisconsin. In game one, Colorado defeated Indianapolis by a score of 12-0. This would turn out to be one of three blowout victories that the Rolling Mammoth came away with. In games two and three, Colorado beat Grand Rapids and Buffalo by scores of 10-0 and 13-0, respectively.

In fact, Colorado didn’t give up a single point until they took on Milwaukee in game number four. There, the Rolling Mammoth defeated the host team in a narrow 3-2 victory.

In the championship game, Colorado took on San Diego and defeated them by a score of 8-2. With the victory, the Colorado Rolling Mammoth secured the 2017 Midwest Regional WCLAX Tournament title.



In a statement sent to us by the team, a spokesperson said, “We really had a lot of time to develop as a team and get to where we all worked together really well. Also the intensity other teams brought gave us time to get experience with actual competitive gameplay.”