Today is April 30th, meaning that Selection Sunday will be upon us in one week! With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the 4A and 5A postseason fields.

Last week’s edition was more of a prediction based on how teams were projected to finish the season. This week’s version is going to be much more realistic, as we will use current RPI as the biggest factor in seeding criteria. This is a safe thing to do with only two games left for most teams. Barring a major upset, the RPI is virtually set at this point, as only a few changes are expected this week. But that’s enough small talk! Here’s how the brackets are looking:

Class 4A:

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 10.39.06 PMDawson School still holds the top-seed and don’t expect that to change. The Mustangs will be the #1 seed in this year’s tournament. Also, congratulations to Battle Mountain for making this week’s edition. However, note that Battle Mountain should technically hold the #16 seed while Ponderosa should be #15. This would have created a situation where two conference opponents (Valor and Ponderosa) would meet in round one, which is against seeding criteria. Therefore, Ponderosa and BMHS swapped seeds.

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Class 5A:

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 10.39.39 PM

Once again, Cherry Creek steals the #1 seed while Mountain Vista is #2. Note that RPI changes have pushed Arapahoe down three spots to #8 and raised Wheat Ridge up four spots to #4. Denver East has fallen out of the playoff field, while Grandview has jumped in. Also be aware that Grandview should hold the #16 seed, with Rocky Mountain at #15, but this would have put two Centennial League teams (Cherry Creek and Grandview) against each other in round one. Grandview and Rocky Mountain had to swap seeds.

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