Feature Photo Credit: Ari Kutzer

This week, Colorado Lacrosse Report created a new system for ranking teams. Our previous rankings were determined by two to three members of the staff discussing what team should go where, but ultimately the rankings were determined by one person. Everyone at Colorado Lacrosse Report (including the one person making the old rankings) knew that this wasn’t right. So we decided to fix the problem.

Now, our rankings are considered a “Media Poll,” and we will gradually start using this term in place of “rankings.” The reason our poll is considered a Media Poll is that we now have members of the lacrosse media community voting in the poll. Here’s how the system works:

Every Sunday, the six (4A) or seven (5A) voters will submit their ballots by sending us their Top-10 teams in both 4A and 5A lacrosse. Once all the ballots are in, we score them based on a standard point system. If a team is ranked No. 1 in someone’s poll, then they will receive 10 points. If a team is ranked No. 10 in someone’s poll, then they will receive 1 point. In the event of a tie, the first and only tiebreaker is head-to-head play. If teams have never played each other before, then we will simply state that there is a tie at a certain spot in the poll.

When we release the rankings, here is a sample of what will be given:

#1. Regis Jesuit [7]……………(70 points)

#2. Arapahoe……………(61 points)

The team’s rank in the media poll is stated on the far left with “#” in front of it. If a team received any first place votes, the number of votes will be placed in brackets beside the team’s name. In this example, Regis Jesuit got seven first place votes (the maximum number possible) and Arapahoe got none. On the far right is the team’s score for the week. This week, Regis Jesuit got 70 total points (7 first place votes *10 points=70).

We know that this is an imperfect system. For example, many teams fell out of our Top-10 Poll without ever losing a game. We apologize for this, but please know that this only occurs during a period of transition. Nothing like this will happen again this season.

People have also pointed out that in 5A, Wheat Ridge is ranked lower than Highlands Ranch even though the Farmers beat the Falcons head-to-head. This is simply because Highlands Ranch accumulated more points than Wheat Ridge this week. Many of our voters had Highlands Ranch ranked higher than Wheat Ridge for reasons that only they know (we try to keep this as anonymous as possible). Sometimes, you just have to trust our voters. We’re sure they know what they are doing.

In conclusion, know that we are aware of the errors in our system. Please do not lose faith in us, however. We are working diligently to fix every problem that arises and we are sure that next week’s rankings will be released in a smoother fashion. For the rest of the year, our Media Poll will be accurate and will be the best guide to the media’s perspective of high school teams in Colorado. We guarantee it.